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Online Forms: All director and student forms must be completed by Monday, December 9. Online forms may be found using the links below or online at Login to your account and select Conferences and Events Menu. The forms are under the Fest and Festival Information. Please note: If you have not logged into your PMEA account yet this school year, you will have to click the “Sign Up” option when logging in and follow those instructions.

PMEA District 10 Chorus Packet – Boyertown HS

Director (DUE DECEMBER 9):

  1. Director Information Form:


  1. Student Information Form:

    **The student information form is for Chorus ONLY. If you are also the band/orchestra director, you will receive a separate form for those festivals.

  2. Recording Format Survey:

  3. Forms that need to be filled out for EACH festival:
    1. PMEA Principal Signature Page 2019-20
    2. PMEA Medical Administration Record (19-20)**Only needed if student will be taking medication during the festival**
    3. PMEA Housing Waiver & Release Form (19-20) **Only needed if the student is opting out of a hotel stay**

  4. Forms that can follow a student  **Unless there is a change in information** (from Districts to Regions and/or All-State, if applicable)
    1. Student Medical Form 2019-20 (now included in the Student Information Online Form)
    2. PMEA Student Policy Info for Festivals 2019-20 (no signature lines) (Also included in the Student Information Online Form)

Payment must be received by December 9 to Paul Bakner at East Stroudsburg High School North. You can check if your payment was received by using this link

Please find all the rehearsal tracks and CPDL scores at

The Youtube videos seem to work, but just in case:

Alma Redemptoris Mater……………..G. P. da Palestrina (G. Schirmer 12001)

Here is a lovely Renaissance motet.  (We are singing works from all five major historical periods!   I recommend learning by singing in solfege. It remains in Eb major throughout. Strive for a light tone production.  A great piece to learn soft singing.   I particularly like the Eau Claire choir on Youtube to learn style and pronunciation.

Psalm 43: Richte mich, Gott – Mendelssohn (CPDL marked score)

A wonderful motet for 8-part chorus!  It would be a good idea to learn this on a neutral syllable such a “pah.”  It begins in d minor and moves to D major if you know solfege. Follow the direction of the note stem. For example:  1st tenors sing a G on beat 2 in measure 30. Here is a Youtube link to aid your German pronunciation!